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DC current World Agricultural first in Irrigation systems

World absolute first to be Wood crated by the Wood Shop SA, a DC current World Agricultural first in Irrigation systems, developed by SSS Specialized Solar Systems in South Africa.

This unique piece of equipment can run for 10 Hours per day on a Battery and irrigate your Crop as you require daily.Once it has done its job it can be pushed over to another section of the crop needing water irrigation. You can add fertilizer to be irrigated over the crop to boost it or even Organic pesticides can be added to irrigate the crop.

No Cable No Pipe lines other than Hose to refill and movable in minutes.No Power from generators or AC needed at all, comes with a Solar Panel and battery 100% self sufficient.

Cover 7,5 meters diameter or bigger version covers 14 meters Diameter irrigation.[+-196 m 2]

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